Shimano steps wheel size setting

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We offer you highly recommendable tuning devices to make E Bikes faster in an easy way. Many Electric Bike owners are fed up with the power cutting off when they reach the speed limit. All tuning devices we sell got one big advantage: You can undo the tuning at any time if you want to restore the original specifications of your electric bicycle — for example, if you want to drive legally on public roads again Important: Despite the Corona crisis, we are not stopping business.

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Proceed as follows:. Some tuning tools only double or take away the speed limit, others allow very detailed setting options - for example, there are modules where you can customize the amount of maximum motor support individually.

In the meantime, there are even many tuning modules that you can easily control via your Smartphone!

Sabvoton - Setting Wheel Size in Centimeters

Our Electric Bike Tuning Comparison gives you a first overview of the functional scope of the individual tuning tools. Most recently, most tuning tools also display the correct speed in the bike display. In our product descriptions you will find detailed information about the respective tuning modules. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun with our tuning products outside the areas where the traffic regulations apply!

Here you get a first overview of interesting tuning solutions:. It offers correct speed values in the display and lots of other useful parameters via the smartphone app.

You can also enter the exact circumference of the wheel. Of course, you can restore the initial configuration whenever you want. Special feature: The dispaly of the MountainTuning Tool can be used as an alternative E Bike display to the existing iWoc - this means the MTT can display the current speed when you are riding! The best E Bike tuning product you can get! BluePed Euro : Yamaha Powerdrive motors have the advantage to enjoy the probably most extensive electric bike tuning.

Use the Smartphone app to configure the Blueped module individually. The electric bike display will still show the correct values speed etc. There is a really great amount of setting options. Innovative electric bike tuning for Yamaha Powerdrive motors! Many other features are also included. Of course you can restore the original configuration of your engine at any time! Greenped Euro : An optimal tuning module for Yamaha Syncdrive motors.

Use the Greenped app to get access to your electric bike via Bluetooth — this allows you to use a very wide range of setting options more than most other tuning tools. You can also determine the wheel circumference individually. Another advantage: While you are riding, the Smartphone app can show you many useful parameters that go far beyond what the normal Yamaha display can offer you. Very good electric bike tuning for Yamaha Syncdrive engines!There's little more annoying when cycling than clicking or jumping gears.

A surefire way of interrupting your momentum at a key moment on a climb or when pulling away from traffic lights on your commute, badly indexed gears can irritate all the enjoyment out of cycling. Thankfully, adjusting a rear derailleur on a bike is a solution that is fairly simple and possible for most - if not all - home mechanics.

Modern versions of this design mean riders can now have up to 11 rear sprockets, but gears have not always been universally welcome.

InHenri Desgrange, founder of the Tour de Francestated, 'I still feel that variable gears are only for people over But should you choose the wimpy option, you should at least ensure your derailleur is set up correctly. Follow the five steps below to learn how to adjust your rear derailleur and save the expense of a trip to the bike shop. With the gear cable disconnected, gently pedal forwards until the chain drops onto the smallest sprocket.

Find the cross-head screw towards the back of the derailleur marked H. This dictates how far towards the frame the derailleur can move the higher limit. Turning it clockwise moves the jockey wheel closer to the spokes, counter clockwise, closer to the frame.

Turn the barrel adjuster on the derailleur clockwise until it is almost fully dialled in.

shimano steps wheel size setting

Select the highest gear smallest sprocket on the shifter. Pull the cable as tight as possible at the derailleur and attach it to the body via the cable anchor. Once you have done this, select the third gear on the shifter and gently pedal forwards to shift the chain. Visually check the position of the jockey wheel relative to the cassette — it should fall directly beneath the third sprocket. Use the barrel adjuster to fine-tune its position.

Turning the adjuster anticlockwise increases tension on the cable, bringing the derailleur closer to the wheel; clockwise decreases the tension, moving it back towards the frame. If the chain seems hesitant to shift up, increase the cable tension by turning the barrel adjuster anticlockwise. If it skips over a gear, turn the adjuster clockwise to decrease the tension.

You want it to run as quietly as possible. Shift into the largest sprocket. Find the crosshead screw marked L below the H screw. It dictates how far towards the wheel the derailleur can move the lower limit. Turn the screw clockwise until the derailleur is unable to move beyond this point. This is crucial in order to prevent the derailleur getting tangled in the spokes. This dictates how close the upper jockey wheel sits to the cassette; it should be as close to the sprockets as possible without actually touching them.Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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shimano steps wheel size setting

Search Advanced…. Log in. New posts Trending Search forums. What's new. New media New comments Search media. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Shimano Steps running smaller tires. Thread starter emco5 Start date Apr 7, Jul 1, 3 2 69 Seattle. Has anyone gone through the process of changing the programming in a Steps system so it recognizes smaller tires?

If so, can I please get a brief overview of what needs to be done? My bike shipped with 26 x 2. Reactions: PaulNorwich. Danidl Esteemed Pedelecer.Another article on this site covers maintenance issues that apply to 4- 7- 8- and speed Shimano Nexus and Alfine hubs:.

Read those articles along with this one. For more-detailed advice on installation of sprockets and setting the gear range, see the section on sprockets in the main article on internal-gear hubs. Ratio 0. The Alfine speed hub uses 3-lug sprockets common to many brands, 16 teeth and up. The sprocket supplied with this hub has a chain guide plate attached, which will help keep a loose chain from coming off and potentially damaging the shifting parts.

Unlock Shimano Steps E 8000/6000 without hardware

This sprocket works with any derailer chain except for the narrowest speed and up. Wider chain may also be used. Choose the sprocket and chainwheel to set 9th gear of the hub for level-ground riding typically, around 75 gear inches, 6 meters development.

The Alfine 11 hub has been with us a few years now, and there is a fair amount of information out there. However unless I'm mistaken, no-one has yet put in simple terms how the hub generates the 11 gears, or collected much of the available information in one place. This is for good or ill my stab at it. Please let us know of any errors or omissions and we'll correct accordingly.

shimano steps wheel size setting

In a nutshell, the hub is best thought of as a two-speed reduction or direct gear which drives a six-speed direct or 5 increase options gear. The six-speed gear is itself a 3x2 gear, i. The gear ratios are selected via four selectable clutches one sliding clutch, three lockable sun pinions and four automatically selected, spring-preloaded roller clutches. The eleven available gear ratios all use at least one gear train, and three gear ratios use all three gear trains in series.

The gearsets could give twelve ratios 2x6 of which only eleven are used, because one ratio is a near duplicate of another. The unused gear is the direct drive gear. Instead, a gear that gives almost the same ratio is used, despite its using three gear trains and presumably being less efficient.

The image below is of a cutaway of the hub as seen from the rear or top of the bicycle, so the sprocket is on the right in this view, and the gearing stages are in the order in which power is transmitted, from right to left. The four roller clutches, RC1 through RC4 from right to left, are easier to see in the cutaway view below.

The first-stage sun pinion the helical-cut one, at the right is permanently locked to the axle. The remaining three suns 2 and 3 in the hub's second stage; and sun 4 in the third stage are selectively locked by pawls that pop out of the axle, as with the Nexus and Alfine 8-speed and the latest Nexus 7-speed hubs.

The first stage is similar to that found in an Alfine or Nexus 8-speed hub, in that it uses a sliding clutch to provide direct drive to the planet cage.

Shimano Road Wheelsets Explained

The clutch is actuated by an axial cam and is locked in gears When the the clutch isn't locked, a roller clutch RC1 takes drive from the driver to ring gear 1 RG1 instead, driving the planet cage by way of the planet gears, for a speed reduction in gears The reduction gear ratio is 0. Drive next passes from the the planet cage of the first stage to the planet cage of the second stage -- they are locked together. The second stage has stepped planet pinions, a single ring gear and two sun gears suns 2 and 3giving the increase ratios 1.

When neither sun pinion is locked, roller clutch 2 RC2 transfers drive directly from the planet cage to the ring gear RG2so they turn at the same speed. The ring gear of the second stage is one piece with the planet cage PC3 of the final two-speed gear stage. When its sun gear is locked, its ring gear drives the hub shell via roller clutch RC4, for an increase ratio of 1.

When the sun gear is not locked, the second stage drives the hub shell directly via roller clutch RC3. Except that they use reduction in the first stage, gears are achieved in the same way as gears Once you know what it is that you are looking at, you can see nearly all the relevant parts in the sectional views above.

Where parts in two stages are effectively one piece, both of their names are shown in a single table cell.Austin Arruda is a former Shimano Technology Education Specialist with years of experience in the cycling industry.

In this piece, Austin helps explain Shimano's current road wheelset line-up. Thin aluminum rims overlaid with carbon fiber, laser matched bearings, machined light-weight hubs, finger-adjustable bearing interface, asymmetrical rims and spoke lacing are just a handful of the features that make DURA-ACE wheels some of the best money can buy. The rim design on the WH-RS splits the difference between a C24 and a C35, using a 24mm depth for the front wheel and a 28mm depth for the rear wheel.

The robust carbon-aluminum construction, offset rim and optimally balanced spoke lacing design make WH-RS a surprisingly strong yet lightweight wheel, capable of everything from endurance racing, Gran Fondos, or the casual Sunday cruise.

WH-RS truly offers the best performance for its value of any carbon wheel Shimano has ever offered. More and more road bikes nowadays are adopting thru axles and disc brakes. While there is still a small weight penalty for choosing disc brakes over rim brakes, there are overwhelming performance benefits to this system. The need for a versatile, performance-oriented wheel that excels both on smooth pavement and in harsher conditions is met by the new WH-RS Shimano offers a wide range of wheels to meet the needs of nearly every rider and discipline, the newest of which outdo their predecessors in both performance and value.

Shimano Road Wheelset Compatability Chart.Adjusting the shifting on a bike means that the tension in the cable connecting the shifting mechanism to the rear derailleur must be tightened or loosened. Cable tension is altered near the shifting lever that is integrated into the handlebar brakes on road bikes or on the grip of mountain bike handles. Pull back the rubber housing on the the brake hood to expose the pivot point on the brake handle where the shifting cable is inserted.

Loosen the cable barrel adjustment nut, which is located between the brake hood and the rear derailleur. Shift the bike through all gears to check for noise and ease of shifting.

Repeat the process of loosening the barrel adjuster and tightening or loosening the cable as necessary to achieve the level of tension desired. Remove the small set screw, using a hex or Allen wrench, that holds the cable in place. The cable should now move freely. Shift through all of the gears to test the tension and make sure that the chain moves smoothly from gear to gear.

If not, remove the set screw and readjust the cable tension again. If several adjustments cannot fix the problem, the cable may be worn. Take the bicycle to a qualified repair shop to have the cable replaced. Before you try to adjust the rear derailleur, look closely to make sure it is not bent. Many times, particularly on mountain bikes, the exposed derailleur can get hit and knocked out of shape or alignment. Jack Kaltmann is a Las Vegas-based writer with more than 25 years of professional experience in corporate communications.

He is a published author of several books and feature articles for national publications such as "American Artist" and "Inside Kung-Fu. By: Jack Kaltmann. Published: 16 November, More Articles.

Home Fitness Biking. References sheldonbrown. About the Author.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Japanese company Shimano was established already in Nowadays, Shimano is one of the most important and successful producers of bicycle components and accessories worldwide. Especially in the field of bicycle gearing systems Shimano had become the world market leader in all price classes.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Shimano entered the booming electric bike market, too. However, this first version had a front engine and was no great success, especially due to its relatively low range.

As a result, in the spring of the new version of the Shimano STEPS system was brought on the market — but this time with a mid-mounted engine and a much greater range. The new Shimano STEPS Systemconsisting of mid-mounted engine, battery, bike computer display with range indicator and much morecrank shaft and chain, allows Shimano to keep up with the competition by the mighty Bosch company.

The new Shimano mid-mounted engine scores with a powerful performance, low weight and a harmonious driving behaviour. Furthermore, the systems battery has a quite high range up to km in the Eco-mode. In the Eco mode, the battery provides a decent range of up to km.

There are several recommended tuning options for this drive. The E is a completely redesigned, particularly powerful drive that has been specially developed for e-mountain bikes. The engine scores with an extremely low weight less than 3 kg. The maximum torque is 70 Nm. The battery power of the E has been increased from Wh to Wh. In addition, the display is no longer located in the middle of the handlebars as with the Ebut on the right-hand side in the triangle of stem and handlebar.

You can choose between 3 support modes Eco, Trail, Boostwhich can be controlled via handy Firebolt gearshift levers, which should ensure a particularly harmonious shifting. For many experts, the system is now regarded as one of the very best MTB drives on the market - the driving experience should be extremely similar to that of conventional mountain bikes without an engine. With the Badass Box 4, the eMax Sensor and the eMax software, there are already several recommended tuning tools for this system.

Some E drives are also equipped with the electronic Di2 mountain bike gearshift system to ensure especially clean shifting processes. Due to the fact that the new Shimano STEPS system is already used by some important electric bike manufacturers, it is no wonder that there already are at least some suitable tuning tools on the market.

The best version of the reliable badassBox for Shimano E Bikes so far. The installation of this tuning tool is very simple and can be done without any problems even for absolute non-technical users. The Badass Box 4 attaches directly to the speed sensor without intervention in the engine electronics. Thanks to a new snap lock, you can attach or remove the badassBox at any time within a few seconds to activate or deactivate the tuning the spoke sensor must also be relocated, which is no problem thanks to the supplied Toolfree screw.

Thanks to a more powerful AAA battery, the Badass Box 4 now has a significantly higher range of km or 1 year of course you can easily replace the battery at any time. In addition, a special casting compound provides greater robustness and better protection against moisture. Made in Germany.


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